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We provide User-Friendly controlls for all the section's title and their data with Ease for Both Individuals and Company.

Profile Section

The profile section on our NFC card holds essential details: email, contact number, address, and a personal website link. Additionally, it provides direct links to an individual's social media, offering a comprehensive view of their online presence. This multi-purpose card is designed for companies to share diverse information effortlessly. It can easily be updated, changed and more social media platforms added.


Social Section

The PopiCard boasts a tailored section exclusively for the digital enthusiast. Subscribers can effortlessly add links to all their active social media accounts, ensuring that their entire digital realm is accessible in one consolidated space. It’s a comprehensive nod to modern connectivity, facilitating seamless transitions to any chosen platform.

About Section

On our NFC PopiCard, there's a succinct section that delves into the company's essence, capturing its ethos, history, or a brief bio. This segment is tailored to provide a snapshot of what the company stands for, inviting both familiarity and trust.


Service Section

A specialized segment is devoted to presenting the array of services offered. This area serves as a beacon, keeping both new and potential clients abreast of how the company can serve their needs.

Testimonial Section

Below the profile section, our NFC card features a dedicated space for client testimonials. This area spotlights authentic feedback, complemented by reviews and individual client profiles. Curated to foster trust, it accentuates real-world experiences associated with the individual or company.


Client Section

Adjacently placed, there's a section where company affiliations shine. Here, logos of collaborated clients and partners are displayed, attesting to professional networks and associations.

Company Process Section

Our NFC card delineates the company's operational blueprint. In this section, the step-by-step process is laid out, providing clarity on how engagements progress from initiation to completion.


Portfolio Section

There's a visually engaging space designed for image uploads, be it from company events, portfolios, or advertisements. Each image can seamlessly link back to websites, social platforms, or other digital avenues, amplifying visibility.

Video Section

A dynamic section, exclusively for video links. Whether it's YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram stories, TikTok, or Facebook narratives, this space allows for multimedia integration, bringing the company's story to life.


Product Section

This segment is tailored for product showcasing. Products are vividly described, priced, and paired with direct links, steering viewers straight to the shopping interface.

Blog Section

Finally, there's a niche for blogs on our NFC card. Short posts, rich in expertise, are displayed here, positioning the company as a thought leader in its targeted domains, emphasizing knowledge and proficiency.


Google Reviews

Our NFC card embraces the power of feedback with a designated section for Google Business links. Clients can effortlessly integrate their Google Review link, enabling cardholders a one-tap journey directly to the review page. It's a strategic inclusion, encouraging and simplifying the process for customers to share their experiences and endorsements. Look for the google icon to get started.